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Kristong Hari Foundation
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Updated: 07 Mar 1998

Kristong Hari Foundation, Inc. is non-government organization in the Philippines that assists the urban poor sector of major cities of the country.

It started with an urban poor parish in Brgy. Commonwealth, Quezon City.  After years of serving the largest urban poor area of the country, the organizing component of the parish evolved into an NGO with clear mission of assisting the poorest of the poor in order to attain a just human shelter.

As an NGO, it has programs which directly address the immediate needs of the urban poor with a long-term plan of empowering them through basic community organizing, scholarship, legal aids and protection against unjust and inhuman demolitions of their homes.  It provides assistance to small poor communities for proper and adequate human relocation and resettlement once the communities are displaced by fast and unconscionable commercial development.

SIPNA Compound
Bagong Silangan, Quezon City
1119 Philippines
Tel. No. (63+2) 4287580
Fax No. (63+2) 4287584